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Important History Events of Day in Hindi - July

5 July
1975: 31 साल के अमरीकी टेनिस खिलाड़ी आर्थर ऐश पांच जुलाई 1975 को विंबलडन की एकल प्रतियोगिता जीतने वाले पहले काले आदमी थे.

Friday, May 26, 2017

14 December History and Importance of the Day

644 - Osman ibn Affan was appointed Third Caliph or Khalifa or Kalief of Islam

1287 - Zuider Zee seawall collapsed -  loss of 50,000 lives

1656 - Artificial pearls 1st manufactured by M Jacquin in Paris made of gypsum pellets covered with fish scales

1900 - Quantum Mechanics: Max Planck presented  a theoretical derivation of his black-body radiation law.

1911 - South Pole reached by Norwegian Ronald Amundsen

1915 - Jack Johnson became First black world heavyweight boxing champion

1937 - Japanese troops conquered and plundered Nanjing

1967 - DNA was created in a test tube

2003 - President George W. Bush announces the capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

2014 - Miss World Pageant


Miss World



14 December Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

Games and Sports

1974 - Vivian Richards scored his first Test Cricket century 192 vs India with 20 fours and 6 sixes.

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15 March History and Importance of The Day

World Disabled Day

World Consumer Rights Day

Hungary National day

44 B.C. - Julius Caesar was assassinated in the Senate chamber in Rome by Brutus and fellow conspirators.

1744 French King Louis XV declared war on Britain

1877 Commencement of 1st Test Cricket, Australia v England at MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

1892 1st escalator patented by inventor Jesse W Reno (NYC)

1906 Britons Rolls, Royce & Johnson form Rolls Royce Ltd

1985 The first Internet domain name, symbolics.com is registered

2016 Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence wins Go challenge against Lee Se-dol 4-1


Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) the 7th U.S. President.  Jackson gained fame as a hero during the War of 1812. He helped in the formation of the new Democratic Party and became the first man from an impoverished background to be elected President, serving from 1829 to 1837.

March 16 - March History and Importance of The Day

15 March Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

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