Thursday, August 28, 2014

28 August - History and Importance of the Day

1189 - Third Crusade: the Crusaders begin the Siege of Acre under Guy of Lusignan

1521 - Turkish sultan Suleiman I's troops occupy Belgrade

1830 - 1st locomotive in US, "Tom Thumb", runs from Baltimore to Ellicotts Mill

1864 - The first Geneva Convention, governing rules of warfare, signed by 26 nations. Wrong entry. It was signed on 22 August 1864

1898 - Caleb Bradham renamed his carbonated soft drink "Pepsi-Cola". The name is based on the combination of two ingredients, “pepsin” and “cola”. He believed his drink was “healthy” as it aided in digestion much like the pepsin enzyme does. He bought the brand name from another company that went broke.

  Toyota Prius C - pic source:

1937 - Toyota Motors became an independent company. Earlier it was part of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd..



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