Saturday, November 22, 2014

29 December History and Importance of the Day

1845 – In accordance with International Boundary delimitation, United States annexes the Republic of Texas, following the manifest destiny doctrine. The Republic of Texas, which had been independent since the Texas Revolution of 1836, is thereupon admitted as the 28th U.S. state.
1885 - Gottlieb Daimler patented first bike (Germany)
1911 – Mongolia gained independence
1911 - Sun Yat-sen became the first President of the Republic of China.
1920 - Yugoslav government banned communist party
1922 - Dutch Constitution proclaimed
1940 - Germany started dropping incendiary bombs on London in WW II
1959 – Physicist Richard Feynman gave a speech entitled "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom", which is regarded as the birth of nanotechnology.
1978 - Spain new constitution goes into effect


1800 – Charles Goodyear, American engineer (d. 1860)


BBC News - 29 Dec

29 December Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

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