Sunday, November 23, 2014

8 January - History and Importance of the Day

1297 - Monaco gains independence.
1675 - 1st American commercial corporation chartered (NY Fishing Co)
1790 - 1st US President George Washington delivers 1st state of the union address
1835 - The United States national debt is 0 for the first and only time.
1884 - Chrome tanning process for leather patented by Augustus Schultz

1918 - Woodrow Wilson Speech to American Congress on 14 points as the War aims of USA in World War I, which will end the war and bring equitable peace in the world.

1926 - Abdul-Aziz ibn Sa'ud becomes king of Hejaz; renames it Saudi Arabia
1935 - Spectrophotometer patented, AC Hardy

8 January Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management

History of Day - Films - English - Hindi - Telugu

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